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A skilled professional with more than eight years of scientific and commercial software design and development, including distributed, parallel, multithreaded and high-performance applications; numerical simulation and statistical analysis software; design and implementation of complex algorithms (particle-in-cell simulation, computational geometry, data mining). Highly adept at learning new concepts quickly, working well in teams and under pressure and communicating ideas clearly and effectively.


Background: Computational Plasma physics (Particle-In-Cell, Molecular Dynamics, FDTD
Algorithms and Data Structures, Statistics, Computational Geometry
Languages/Libraries: C++, STL, boost, POOMA, Qt 4, ATL, TCL, Lua, OpenMP, MPI
SDK / Technologies: Win32 API, Multithreading, COM, DirectX, CUDA
Tools: Visual C++, gcc, gdb, KDevelop, Enterprise Architect
Operating Systems: Windows NT-XP, Unix (FreeBSD, HP-UX), Solaris 8,9, Linux
Certificates: SEI Certificate in Personal Software Process for CMMI.
Brainbench Certified Master C++


Jan 2002 Dec 2006
Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics,Theoretical Physics Laboratory Ashtarak, Armenia
Research assistant

  • Create OpenPIC3D 3D hybrid particle-in-cell simulation tool
  • 3D simulation of counterstreaming collisionless plasma dynamics
  • PhD thesis on Theoretical and Computational Physics (Examination date: 1 June 2010)

Nov 2001 Dec 2002
Artsakh State University, Stepanakert, Armenia

  • Taught classes on C++, Algorithms and Data Structures, Computational methods in Physics.

Nov 2000 Nov 2001
Institute of Computational Technologies, Laboratory of computational physics,
Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, Russia.
Research assistant

  • Developed MHD plasma processes simulation tool
  • 2D3V simulation of plasma cloud expansion in non-uniform magnetic field and magnetized background


  • Numerical modeling of plasma spread in non-uniform magnetic field. International conference of computational technologies. Institute of Computational Technologies. Novosibirsk, Russia. Sep. 2000.http://www.ict.nsc.ru/ws/show_abstract.dhtml?ru+8+815
  • D. A. Osipyan, H. B. Nersisyan, and H. H. Matevosyan. Collisionless slowing down of nova and supernova shells in magnetized interstellar medium. Astrophysics Journ. T46 #4. 2003 [pdf]
  • H. B. Nersisyan, D. A. Osipyan. The moving boundary problem in the presence of a dipole magnetic field.
    J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 39. 2006. [http://arxiv.org/abs/physics/0603239v1]
  • D. A. Osipyan. Collisionless scattering of plasma cloud in dipole magnetic field.
    Proc. NAS of Armenia. T41 #4. 2006
  • H.B. Nersisyan, D.A. Osipyan, G. Zwicknagel. Renormalized cluster expansion of the microfield distribution in a strongly coupled two-component plasmas.Phys. Rev. E 77, 2008 [http://arxiv.org/abs/0711.4945v1]
  • H.B. Nersisyan, D.A. Osipyan. Collisionless plasma expansion in the presence of a dipole magnetic field .
    Contrib. Plasma Phys. 49, 351, (2009). [


Oct 2008 Dec. 2009
Mentor Graphics Inc. Yerevan, Armenia
Senior Software Developer

  • Design and implementation of Calibre (IC Design/Verification tool) enhancements of DFM, DRC
  • Added distributed and parallel processing of hierarchical geometrical data
  • Designed and implemented hierarchical shape extraction algorithm
  • Added parallel processing of DFM TCL scripts (TCL Threads package)

Apr 2007 Oct 2008
Credence Ltd. Yerevan, Armenia
Senior Software Developer, Project manager

  • Planning, time and quality tracking of Visual ATE (board tester) sustaining and enhancement development
  • Analyzed existing defects, suggestions and their relations
  • Prioritized and planned sustaining tasks (over 200 issues were fixed)
  • Designed and implemented Resource Map Editor (board to slot mapping) tool for ASL 3000 tester

Dec 2004 Mar 2007
CQG LLC, Yerevan, Armenia
Senior Software Developer, Technical Team Lead, Team Lead

  • Designed, developed and implemented global optimization algorithm using multivariate global optimization algorithm (based on Moore-Skelboe interval branch and bound algorithm)
  • Full cycle of Open API v.1.0 4.0 development COM components for exchange quotes data subscribing, order placing, account and positions status reporting, trading systems
  • Designed and implemented agents for exchange data processing

Oct 2003 Dec. 2004
Virage Logic Inc., Yerevan, Armenia
Software Engineer

  • Designed and implemented core and plug-in classes of STAR memory chip testing tool (Qt 3.3.1, MS Visual C++ 6.0, KDevelop 2.0, TCL 8.0, XML)
  • Designed XML DTD for memory configuration
  • Designed and implemented STREAM GUI an CLI

Feb 2002 Oct 2003
HPLA L.L.C., Research Department, Data Mining Department, Yerevan, Armenia
Software Engineer.

  • Designed and implemented 2D point set cauterization library for WDF Checker (Wafer geometry validation and defect analyzing module)


Nov 1997 Nov 2000
Institute Computational Technologies, Laboratory of computational physics,
Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, Russia.
Postgraduate student.

  • Developed dynamics 2D3V plasma simulation tool (Hybrid Particle-In-Cell)

Dec 1992 May 1997
Kalmikya State University, Faculty of physics, Elista, Russia

  • Diploma work: Numerical simulation of Sun magnetic activity
  • Awards: Second award of South Russia students physics contest (1995)

References available upon request.

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