3D Hybrid PIC simulation of plasma cloud expansion

Model. At the initial time $t=0$ an explosion occurs at the point MATH in a region MATH with a magnetic field MATH and filled with a plasma of density $n_{0}=n_{0}(x,y,z)$. The explosion forms a cloud of dense plasma of radius $R_{0}$ containing $N$ particles .

At the initial time, the velocity of the ions in the cloud is distributed linearly along the radius:


Here $R$ - radius vector in spherical coordinates, $V_{0}$- is the maximum velocity of the ions in the cloud.

Simulation example.

Initial parameters:

$\vec{B}_{0}$ $(0,0,B_{z})$, $B_{z}=100$ Gs
$V_{0}$ = 1.00E+07 cm/s
$N$ 6.00E+18
$n_{0}$ 1.00E+15
$M_{A}=V_{0}/V_{A}$ 14.5

See "Collisionless slowing down of nova and supernova shells in magnetized interstellar medium" for parameters definition.


B at X =0

B at Z =0

E at x = 0

E at z = 0

Cloud density at x = 0

Cloud density at z = 0

Cloud velocity at x = 0

Cloud velocity at z = 0

Background density at x = 0

Background density at z = 0

Background velocity at x = 0

Background velocity at z = 0

Bx at x = 0, T = 10, 50, 100, 140


By at x = 0, T = 10, 50, 100, 140


Bx, By, Bz at x = 0, T = 100

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