PIC method is in details described in these books:

Computer Simulation of Space Plasmas

By H. Matsumoto, T. Sato

Contributor H. Matsumoto

Computer Space Plasma Physics:Simulation Techniques and Software:

By H. Matsumoto, Y. Omura

Contributor H. Matsumoto

Computer Simulation Using Particles

By Roger W. Hockney, James W. Eastwood

Contributor James W. Eastwood
Published 1988, CRC Press
564 pages
ISBN 3540006982

Plasma Physics Via Computer Simulation

By Charles K. Birdsall, A.Bruce Langdon

Published 1986, McGraw-Hill Education
482 pages
ISBN 0070661510

Space plasma simulation

By J.(Jorg)Buchner, Manfred Schole ,Christian T. Dum

Contributor Jörg Büchner, Christian T. Dum, Manfred Scholer
Published 2003, Springer
351 pages
ISBN 3540006982

The Hybrid Multiscale Simulation Technology

By Alexander S. Lipatov

Published 2002, Springer
403 pages
ISBN 3540417346

Numerical "Particle-In-Cell" Methods - Theory and Applications

By V. A. Vshivkov, M. P. Fedoruk, Yu. N. Grigoryev

Contributor Jörg Büchner , Christian T. Dum , Manfred Scholer
Published 20032002, VSP
250 pages
ISBN 90-6764-368-8
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